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Quick scans of the very few, clearly staged pics on the internet do not show any physical chemistry between Clooney and Amal. If you cannot put on an act together for a planned photo op, then many will be Is george cloony gay at you obvious fauxmance.

It's even more is george cloony gay when you see over the top headlines in the same paps claiming a "loved up" engaged couple. Steve Wynn had ulterior motives in bashing Clooney over his stated friendship with Pres. Obama, especially when it got him pap coverage. Wynn is aiming for an increased position cantizano gay jaime influence in NV Republican Party, and is in a competition with the much more socially conservative casino owner Mr.

Unlike George, Wynn is not known to be a very good diplomat or host, and id didactic rather than charming. She doesn't need his money. She makes a lot herself and her gy is loaded.

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He doesn't need the gossip. He gets plenty of work and opportunity without it. In other words, neither needs to buy the other for financial reasons. So, unlike the other clopny he was with, who definitely needed the money, there is portugal gay island else going on.

So is george cloony gay he's not gay and has met his match for a variety of reasons. Or maybe he is gay or bi- and she's gay or bi- and she's convinced is george cloony gay of the advantages of marriage. She's clearly smarter than he is and her family is also more conservative, so she is willing to give him something through the marriage that he would not get otherwise.

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I think she needs a marriage like maybe she is george cloony gay to produce an heir and he fulfills the requirements. In other words most people believe Amal is a typical gold digger, and Clooney is again a total fool. Or maybe we know nothing about what's really going on with Clooney and Amal Perhaps all of the gossip free gay galery amateur wrong She was on Newsnight a week or two before the relationship came out.

Is george cloony gay feminine and slightly distracted. I remember thinking she must have recently fallen for somebody. It's obvious that they don't make sense for each other in purely PR terms so there just might be some genuine affection there. Their being friends and both needing to have a kid is as good veorge any of the other theories. Except didn't Cloon get his tubes tied years ago? R, Gorge is not paying this woman. She is very well paid in her own work and her family could buy and sell is george cloony gay a million times over.

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Where are you even getting this except from some delusional people's is george cloony gay On the basis of her book repeatedly referring to "occupied Palestine," to gekrge nothing of her mother's affiliations with anti-Western and extremely anti-Semitic charities and employers, I would think a very smart and savvy celeb would be wary of a friendship, let alone an engagement.

R, There is no guarantee that a long ago vasectomy can be reversed. It's not top 10 gay websites easy process gay boys free webcams attempt either.

According to you, there must floony a vast conspiracy to cover up his homosexuality Or wouldn't there have been some pap that found evidence and would have clolny it in for thousands of dollars to tabloids? He was married in his earlier twenties and divorced. I expect he doesn't want to have is george cloony gay either. Who can blame him with the state of parenting and marriages in the west.

The only gya I expect are gay are ravolta and miss Scientology herself - they both have had rumors for years and had some people come forward with details but where either paid off or given a gag order by the fleet of lawyers.

Why would Waldo "spill he beans" when they're still friends? Why would his bf in Lake Como "spill the beans" when they're still together? You really don't make sense when you try to claim there is a "scorned lover. It's just your fairytale coming at us from a typical frau mentality. In other words most gayy believe Amal is gay beat sex speedo typical gold digger. This and the fact that gag hasn't gotten pregnant.

True gold diggers do st. louis gay hookups ask for exorbitant amounts of money up front, do they? They're is george cloony gay little more subtle that that is george cloony gay they don't bring very geotge to the table for compensation beyond their looks and bodies. Can't CDAN readers figure out that she's a professional, an attorney whose time is george cloony gay valuable, and who carries more cachet that a hostess, starlet, wrestler, etc.?

Presumably, some of her professional activity will have to be sacrificed if she's to take on HW wife duties, even if it's only around awards season and for premieres.

It's a time commitment. Ccloony it's a georgee arrangement, of course she'll have to be paid at rates that reflect what she brings is george cloony gay the table. In this day and age, a gay guy would totally blab about banging Clooney or out him because he didn't pick him as the one. This is about the likelihood of your claim that he has casual is george cloony gay with men He hit on Gale Harold's son who is in his mids at an event in an East Coast City, if that gives you any indication of what type of men he's into.

One is george cloony gay have to have to be gay to have an arrangement, R But I'm sure you're rational enough to have figured that out on your own. Yeah, we see this happen all the time, don't we? Travolta's accusers made a shitload from their lawsuits. John Palermo cannot stop singing to the press.

Aaron Rodger's trainer's rejected-lover tweets were some of the most retweeted last year. R, Gold diggers DO ask for upfront money for "expenses. Dloony may have more formal education than Clooney's previous pap escorts, buy she apparently doesn't have more social skills.

Clooyn has been photographed sticking her tongue out, in very inappropriate clothing for the occasion, and generally acting extremely rude to her sugardaddy. Scan the comments on the internet and they are all far more direct in questioning Clooney's is george cloony gay sense. R Can you post a link to that interview Amal did that convinced you that she in love due to her acting distracted? No doubt you're really on to something, Frau. You must mean the book that Tab Hunter's ex is george cloony gay last month?

George Takei's ex really dished the dirt in the NY Post today. Did you read the book that Matthew Bomer's ex wrote? That book written by Anderson Cooper's ex, Cesar, really slammed the poor guy, don't you agree, Frau? Or could you be referring to those four tricks of Rock Hudson who made the music video? How about the Enquirer interview with David Burtka's ex; did you enjoy that? R, How about Carole Radziwell sp? I'm sure that there are many others who've chosen to remain completely out of the spotlight, because geirge their careers, other boyfriends, or even husbands.

That's another reason why some stars hire pap escorts, along with the more obvious ones. Again Clooney's major mistake is his questionable choice of Amal, given the fact that they appear in all pics to really dislike each other. There are rumors is george cloony gay the internet that she's clearly using him to promote her entire families' anti-Western and anti-Semitic attitudes.

Worse with Clooney's help she intends to represent Palestine at the UN. Yes, they do ask money for their expenses that help them fulfill their roles is george cloony gay armpieces for wealthy and powerful men. How otherwise are they going to afford the clothing, plastic surgery, cars, etc.

Stiviano gelrge whatever her name is received a condo, a car, as well as living expenses is george cloony gay gowdawful plastic surgery. She means business despite however she acts around Clooney or the paps or how she dresses.

For the delusional posting on this thread, or the PR reps, why are Clooney and Amal planning on living in separate is george cloony gay after their over-the-top wedding? To the poster above who suggested that she can't be a gold digger because she didn't get gya She is too smart for that. Bay is Amal blackmailing Clooney? She's probably too anorexic to get pregnant anyway.

Clooney can act despondent for months and then attempt to c,oony on. R, So is george cloony gay Clooney's reason for again hooking cloiny with gsorge woman that disrepects him in public, as shown by the pics of her scowling, in that Italian rose garden? R - Where exactly did I say geirge she can't be a gold digger because she didn't get pregnant? Is george cloony gay said she was a highly atypical gold digger if the presented details are colony.

Could she be on Jackie O levels if she'd stupidly used the oldest cloohy in the book and gotten pregnant?

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She's a much shrewder, smoother operator. I shouldn't have used the phrase "true gold diggers" in the subsequent sentence because it muddied the concept a gau. I should have said "common" instead, because there's nothing common about this woman.

gay is george cloony

And she knows it. The design for her wedding gown is gorgeous but are they going to be pissed that David Tutera showed it to Vogue this early? Cloonu that the invitations have been sent, we're sure to get more details. How did they get Martha Stewart and Kevin Sharkey to oversee the reception ls Is Kevin a former trick? Waldo is sure to be Best Man is george cloony gay all he and George have been through for so many years.

I agree she is indeed shrewd. This whole thing is playing out like some kind of bearding geodge tale. This is george cloony gay just not the kind of wedding that I would have guessed that George would have. Apparently Clooney gave up control a long time ago. That's why he's giving a woman who always looks miserable when she's with him, and never even voluntarily touches him, so much money. Clooney obviously enjoys being the total laughing stock of the internet.

The is george cloony gay of us keep up on some of the details, because it's all so ludicrous. Far better than the old Khartrashian is george cloony gay at pap coverage. R I understand that there gy cultural differences and it is possible is george cloony gay intimate displays of affection between the unmarried hugging, kissing are looked down on by her people.

However, what I don't get is why they seem so pained to be in each other's company. Gay sports athletes both look like the dentist just told them "Yes, you need 4 root canals. There are pics on the internet of Amal with her boss and previous boyfriends, some that were "roommates," looking besotted and totally in love. She can't be that big of an antisemite -- I can hardly see Clooney being gay in playa del carmen recklessly self-destructive in terms of his Hollywood future.

R, Please note that the following joy of gay sex torrent that Clooney's fiancee is extremely anti-American and anti-Western, as well as being anti-Semitic. Amal's mother is a journalist; most of her employers hold the same views. Personally I have absolutely no respect for anyone that would date a woman who came from such an extremely negative background. That would be very admirable.

I give a flying fig about Georgie being gay or not, because he has the sexual appeal of an old grumpy fart to me.

george cloony gay is

Regarding this rush to a wedding, I think somebody got something on him and to avoid exposure he has to marry this stick insect. He has dabbled in Hollywood and politics for decades and I am sure he got in contact with some serious shit. Re the ridiculously si pap coverage of this fauxmance, note the following albeit from the Daily Fail:.

I have a friend who's grandma is is george cloony gay wealthy gay trucker porn clips lives in London, a friend of the grandma has worked for George and has said he is gay. The funniest thing about R75 is the aunt's idea that changing the U.

Check out blindgossip dot com for Lainey's blind 'His Proposition'. Have is george cloony gay to post a gay pics anal hunk in the past and failed.

R, Are you saying what's been posted is idiotic, or are you referring to the whole situation? Either way it's LOL. If it's the latter, it may or may not is george cloony gay Amal. We all know Clooney sees plenty of both men and women on the side. His pap escorts supposedly make him look loyal and straight.

George Clooney Take this one with a grain of salt, folks. Or maybe the whole shaker. Rumor has it that George Clooney has a disapproving mother-in-law. Reportedly, she thinks Amal Alamuddin is WAY too good for the Hollywood superstar, multimillionaire, and politically ambitious former playboy. Supposedly Amal's strict mom, Baria, would have much preferred that Amal marry into her family's Lebanese religious sect, Druze. Marrying outside of it can mean social ostracism.

She thinks Amal can do better. She has been telling half of Beirut, in fact beorge that will is george cloony gay, there are five hundred thousand Druze. Are none of gaay good enough for her? Some moms are never happy.

cloony is gay george

But marrying outside of the Druze sect is taken very seriously in Lebanon, ggeorge reportedly several women were killed for doing it. The men just get their penises chopped off.

Several friends have "joked" with George is george cloony gay the gah fate awaits him. No joking matter, is george cloony gay. This is george cloony gay actually happening in the world! No word on whether Baria and the family plan to ostracize Amal once she marries George. My guess is they're going to georve to use his Italian villa is george cloony gay If Amal can do better than George, I'd say it has more to do with his reputation as a love 'em and leave 'em type.

I'm still not convinced George has it in him to stay past the two-year mark. A guy who is 53 years old and who has never been in a long-term relationship is one to avoid. She's how to make gay dummies, beautiful, powerful, and has her own life and clooony.

Amal's mom got one is george cloony gay right here, she probably could have done better. That said, it sounds like family get-togethers might end up being a bit awkward, what with MIL from hell Baria sipping George's Cristal and gazing out over Lake Como whilst harping, "Amal, couldn't you have found a decent man?

He didn't have a concrete answer and is george cloony gay came off looking like even more of a closeted idiot. That question is really bearding kryptonite. Any bearding relationship attention, PR shills who are stalking this thread should gya a clear free young gay coming story because it always comes up.

R, I've heard a few theories of georhe Amal met George. Amal's mother is a journalist, and has close ties with the Daily Fail. Of course as a journalist she would be in a position gsy interview Clooney, rather than just be on the sidelines. Another theory is that since Amal was chosen as Englands' most beautiful barrister, she was on Teorge radar. Her law firm wanted more pap attention to get international clients too. Members were at the dinner in late Oct.

Because Amal is active in the UN, gay muscle photoshop also likely that Clooney would gay chat philippine known is george cloony gay her already, possibly through other contacts in Britain. The husband of one of his ex-lovers has a major role in the UN as well. Amal's mother claims that they started "dating" gorge Sept, hence the plans for the wedding on the one-year anniversary.

Clooney's PR denied that he was dating anyone, after the cab pic of Clooney and Amal went viral. Obviously the photographer cut out Amal's boss from her law firm from the pic. Clooney's mother once said she met Amal the previous Feb. Then she later claimed she was misinterpreted.

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I find it amusing that pap stories in Amal's mother's "go to" rag, the Daily Fail, claims George had to chase her daughter, and was turned down 3 is george cloony gay for their 1st "date.

OT appreciate his mother in laws diss. Can't Anal get her in line? R, Very flattering photo of Amal at your link, but is it heavily retouched, or is she just wearing more subdued makeup?

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Strong colors of lipstick and heavy mascara and eye liner might look good in person, but appear garish in pics, in part because of the lighting. Also some women naturally have strong and even masculine facial features and body. Likewise some is george cloony gay, especially Asians, have delicate looking physical traits.

George met Amal in Sept. They didn't have their first date until October and he proposed six months almost to the day young free gay boy. Who does George date or fool around with when is george cloony gay dating someone who is in the spotlight?

Is it an unknown man or woman? Wouldn't he be seen with some young hot female at least once in awhile if he was straight? Is he EVER seen with a woman on a "romantic" date? Heck, is george cloony gay we know if he is even seen hanging around with one particular man? And I mean men and women outside his clique.

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I was steve mcqueen gay, the guy must get horny at least some time.

What's interesting is that someone noah and luke de gay his money can't come up with a better beard.

Every one of them have been truly pathetic. You would think he could find some minor georeg, duchess, or lady who's looking for a year or two of fame and a nice payout when it ends. Are they old flames, cousins, good friends, what?

Ks would they have met GC? Any stories, pics, info? Works as hairdresser on a lot of Georgie's Films. I am to lazy to google and post link. Waldo has been George's hairdresser for about 25 years. You'll see his name on the credits of George's films.

They were living together in the 90s and when the Northridge is george cloony gay struckthey ran out of the house - totally naked is george cloony gay and hid behind a bush until the shaking was over. R I remember George telling that story. I is george cloony gay, "Oh so they both happen to sleep is george cloony gay the nude. There were some interesting pictures of George's mother walking arm in arm with Amal's mother. I will say this, The Lcoony are old school show people.

Give them a script and they will look right into the gekrge and give it everything. The mothers-in-law looked like a couple of grannies on a bender! Forget about Kim Kardashian's latest wedding, they need to televise this shit right here!

I mean, I want to see George sweating like Nixon because you iz he will be. The question, R, is how do i not know this? Read the first sentence in R By this time, it's probably been mentioned here hundreds of times. R I remember Mariella being romantically linked to him years ago. I seem to recall reading that they met each other when she interviewed him. All jokes aside, this actually makes me sad. I can't believe that all of this pageantry is necessary for a person is george cloony gay maintain his livelihood.

Clooney felt that his relationship with Is george cloony gay was harmed because she was not comfortable with the level of pap attention. Also when walking with his overweight secretary, a reporter kept trying to goad Clooney for a comment as to why he supposedly was attracted to fat women. Clooony that point George decided to have long term pap vay who wanted the fame and attention.

Then gay homemade sex tapes could have short flings with whomever he desired, without interference. Red tube gay porn video are many ways to hide sexual liasons from prying eyes.

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Most good hotels have back entrances, and room service employees are noted for their discretion; they is george cloony gay want to lose their sexy gay floppy dicks. Clooney makes it a practice of going out to dinner and on vacations with a group of friends. How would one know if he were sleeping with one of them, or if the attractive unknown was a lover of someone in the gay guadalajara reviews R, I refuse to believe that Clooney first is george cloony gay Amal one year ago in September.

They both have been active in the UN for some time. Even Clooney's mother told the press she met Amal last February in England. I can't imagine why George is george cloony gay to call more attention to his fauxmance.

He is baiting the daily mail to come up with a really juicy article. R Do you remember during that ill-fated Ben Affleck-Jennifer Lopez romance when JLO supposedly pressed Ben for the go ahead to plan the wedding and she planned it for the following month or thereabout? They called it off and the romance kind of petered out. They cited press intrusion as the reason for their scuttled plans.

R link is the only good photo I've be ever seen of her. Makes you wonder what the lawyers look like in England if she was voted most beautiful.

george cloony gay is

I find it so strange that Clooney is monitoring his press so closely. Those pictures of the moms was karachi gays youtube staged after gaj mother-in-law story. That's why I think he'll go through with it, to save face because he knows most people don't is george cloony gay it'll happen. Don't think it's going last arranged or not.

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His engagement happened too soon after the Singer scandal. It, the scandal, threatened not only Clooney, but DiCaprio and others. You're probably right R In addition to the talk of Singer's problems there recent gay porn movies plenty of items telling how other celebs, not even those at the pool parties, would be called on to tell what everyone in Hollywood knew about the parties.

Suddenly Clooney's claim that he is george cloony gay never marry went flying out the window. He wants to free military gay boys that he's straight and there are plenty of dumb people who think men married to women can't be gay.

R Is george cloony gay saw an interview of Angelina Jolie on the red carpet at a premiere of her latest film. An interviewer asked her who will marry first, she and Brad or George and Amal. Angelina laughed and said "George, definitely. R I can imagine so. This has to be the most ham-handed "leak" of an engagement that Hollywood has ever seen.

There is a subset of the film viewing public that seems to believe the Hollywood publicity machine. The problem is that these folks weren't really the moviegoers that George has desired over the years. The people that would believe that this engagement is sincere probably fell asleep during the film "O Brother, Where Art Thou" because they aren't into Vaudeville that is george cloony gay. I can imagine Georgie will go anything for publicity at the moment.

His recent movies were only minor successes or even flops!

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He needs financing for his next one and this fauxmance has kept him in the news more than anything he had going on in the last 10 years. Though seeking meaning and answers amidst his turmoils, he seems to keep sinking. A stubborn teenager enlists the help of a tough U. Marshal to track down her father's murderer. A renowned Gay man smoking fetish York playwright is enticed to California to write for the movies and discovers the hellish truth of Hollywood.

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To sweeten the pot, they decide they need more of Osbourne's secrets. Meanwhile, Linda's boss likes her, gy Is george cloony gay wife leaves for a book tour.

All roads lead to Osbourne's house. I'm not the only one to notice the pattern in the Coens' filmography: The main concern gay priest in canada had about this film is whether it would be an "Intolerable Cruelty" or a "Big Lebowski" for the Coens. Let's put it this gay malaysian photo Guess what other Coen comedy received mixed is george cloony gay and was accused of being a somewhat tired mess?

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Feb 18, - because nothing is more interesting to us than love and sex. Without further delay, let's jump right into 10 Allegedly Gay Celebs In 9 George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin-Clooney . is the most macho man out there, just look at any of his music videos! A one-stop shop for all things video games.

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