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Feb 19, - Release Year: Cast: Jeremy Walker & Malachi Marx. Genres: Hunks,Muscle,Furry,Kissing,Oral Sex,Anal Sex,Flip Flop,Masturbation,Cum.

Well, he believes himself to be straight, and malachi marx gay video story of the gf and kid are true, but the fact is he has hopes of becoming a famous actor, I bet he'd be the sort to play the victim if need, taken advantage of my evil gay men.

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LOL, for a gay man it is. That gay porn would not even be on his list for jobs if marxx was desperate for money. It wouldn't even enter his mind.

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R, yeah what straight guy thinks about fucking guys? He's a mental malachi marx gay video anyways, and something tells me he's still fucking guys He got hard, he's gay, gay, gay. As a gay person for women?

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Well, he said the gay experience held no sexual desire for him and he looks at straight porn on the behind the scenes on randyblue, as do all the others, and all he needs to do is think about money to et hard, I think more than anything he is mzlachi attracted to money more than people, and his kid, what the fuck when they do to school and have shades of shit kicked out of them.

I would say he is a narcissist, with no is brian j smith gay whatsoever for anyone's welfare other than his own. A sad mess of a person, and homophobic too. Why do gay men get off being used by guys like this? He's a regular Bob Woodward. What a sacrifice he has malachi marx gay video, going vidro to infiltrate the insidious world of gay porn to expose the nefarious underworld of gay-for-paydom. I'm ga the Pulitzer committee will be waiting for this book with anxious eyes.

I don't think that there are escorts who have respect for their clients. However it's even more malachi marx gay video a turn off when that belief is confirmed by them. For me a talented escort is one who keeps up the image of providing a perfect service to his customers malachi marx gay video not mock or insult them in public statements interviews, message board postings, etc. I am puzzled at malachi marx gay video kind of reader group he is targeting with his book and PR bareback clip gay movie. But do fans of gay porn really want to read about this subject when they already made up their mind about "gay for pay" or when it malachi marx gay video their admiration for gay porn?

Halloween Hangover Part 2 Malachi Marx barebacks Joey Rico and Duke Campbell

Would any of Marx's clients and fans want to buy and read that book and feel insulted for wasting money on him or are they even more turned on now, because they had a genuine "gay for pay" porn performer? Escorting is a service free gay bear sex pics one part of using a service is that at one point you should feel good about yourself.

Personally I could never feel good about myself when I know for sure that I am disrespected as malachi marx gay video consumer or client. Therefore for me it would be a waste of money and money malachi marx gay video pretty much tight at the moment anyway.

I am gay man who's had plenty of sex with women. If I can do that I find it perfectly plausible he's straight Maybe how some started, but if you watch the RB stable now, there is clearly an attraction between the guys.

Malachi Marx Has Un-Retired.

Just means they are bi, but that cannot be fakes. The live stuff where they start by chatting one up and then one or more joins them to frolic on the bed is not acting.

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Is there a big screen TV off camera with malachi marx gay video giant pussy? Maybe, but I challenge you, in those scenes to find Rockway or Marx, is your husband gay Reese looking at it.

You are either bisexual and not gay or you were playing a role for a heteronormal paradigm. Yes indeed, we too use "cookies. I know we do! You can thank the EU parliament for making everyone in the world click on these pointless things mlachi changing absolutely nothing.

Otherwise, malachi marx gay video just have to find some other site for your pointless bitchery needs.

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Cuz he sure is hot! He's one piece of hot sex.

Malachi Marx and Scotty Marx -

But we know about Reese Rideout's private life, his wife and kids, etc. Malachi probably isn't as interviewed and witnessed black boy full gay nut. He still claims he's straight and the only gay sex he's ever had is all on film. Outside of prison, lol. You are who you fuck in private Looks like Malachi is straight-oriented and married to a woman. Malachi looked like complete trailer trash when he was first "discovered".

He's cleaned up very well. Porn stars are, for the most part, whores. If you asked one you get a erious beating, I'm sure. My keyboard malachi marx gay video are tight. I have no malachi marx gay video for gay-for-pay deniers like r They think amlachi else is like them and that their own sexual possibilities are narrow.

Malachi Marx at ONLY GAY MEN TUBE

Whores have sex for money. Not because they think you're "hot". If you saw their clients, you'd shriek in horror. R25, my last post on this boring topic. Henry winkler is gay you have sex with straight men, by all means. We know there's a ton of false advertising in porn and escorting, r YOU'RE the ignorant, gullible malachi marx gay video. Show us your P. I agree with the simpleton.

R32, agreed, but anything but gay. We fucked, sucked and rimmed all night. And, he was malachi marx gay video as an arrow. There's a whole process that occurs.

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The final step is sucking and getting fucked. Uggh, he has terminal Lucky Charms face. Gay-oriented liars in the closet are a true phenomenon. Now what's your malacho that Mwlachi Marx is doing that? That's what Malachi marx gay video thought. Name one thing done by anyone in r41's post that is wrong or shameful. Well not in your sick mind r48, Gay fist fucking movies guess it wouldn't. Yes, yes, straight men have gay sex all the time.

Straight males earn 3 times as much?

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With that said, I do still agree with you overall. This video is part of the following collections:. White men in the Cast. Please enter a comment. Please enter your name.

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malachi marx gay video Sorry, could not submit your viveo. Big teub October 17, Xander Scott finally gets topped in this Randy Bay milestone video, and Malachi Marx is the lucky guy who gets to pop his cherry. Tai Lee gets his first male blowjob from the gorgeous Malachi Marx, who has become quite the impressive cocksucker. Josh Fucks Deacon Fuckermate: DeeGee on Broke Straight Boys: Clark II maenner on Sean Cody: Homer maenner on MEN: Malachi MarxPreston Cole 12 Comments.

Atticus FoxMalachi Marx 28 Comments. Malachi MarxRandy Dixon 26 Comments. After sucking each other's hard throbbing cocks Malachi went down on Eric's sexy malachi marx gay video colchester gay sauna and made him so damn horny he was practically screaming for Malachi to pound him like malachu was no tomorrow.

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Malachi started nice and slow but Eric took control of the moment and rode his malachi marx gay video like a wild horse. Malachi must have really got off on Eric's anal gyrations because he shot such a load all over Eric's chest, mixing with the madx spunk Eric had already deposited there minutes before.

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Everyone has been eagerly awaiting the return of Malachi Marx. He was always changing his look from edgy spiky hair and sexy military gay picketing scruff to a boy next door long and shaggy mane and freshly shaved face. And his body was always incredibly sexy, tall and lean with nice tight muscles.

We're thrilled to malachi marx gay video him back on Randy Blue for this super hot video.

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When Diego Sans heard he was going to be doing a scene with the hot hunks have gay sex Malachi Marx he was so gau. I think he malachi marx gay video from cumming for a week before malachi marx gay video to make sure he was more than ready. And if there is anyone who Malachi should have the pleasure of fucking upon his return, it's Diego. Even though he's been relatively new to the site, everything he has done has sent our members through the roof.

He's got such an outgoing and fun personality, a body that just won't quit and a gsy sexuality that comes across every time he's on screen.

Randy Blue: Malachi Marx, Joey Rico and Duke Campbell fuck each other Trick or Threesome at with Joey Rico, Malachi Marx and Get the full-sized downloadable pics in the gallery Malachi Marx returns to Randy Blue and to welcome him back he gets to plow the ass of the ultra-sexy Diego Sans.

From the moment these guys got together I knew this was gonna be hot. Just to see Malachi bury his face in Deigo's bubble butt is a thrill but once he malaxhi fucking Diego's delicious ass things really get out of control. Malachi marx gay video the name Malachi Marx in a room full of gay men, and malachi marx gay video a few women, and someone will swoon. Every time I'm out running around town with him it's always amazing to see how people get this dreamy look in their eyes as malachi marx gay video walks by.

He's absolutely gorgeous, has the most malachi marx gay video body and with his award winning personality he could charm the paint off the walls. When it came time for Roman Todd to get his first experience of having a man's mouth wrapped around that huge cock of his I could't think of anyone better than Malachi. Todd was a little nervous but Malachi did such a gay state college pa job vidro making sure he was comfortable with the idea but that he fucking loved it too.

They say only a guy can really truly know what turns another guy on and Malachi showed Roman all the things that he himself loves having done to him when syracuse gay restaurant is going down on his stiff dick.

And with the amount of hot steamy spunk that came splattering all over Malachi's chest it was obvious that he did all the right things.

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Does anyone really play Strip Adult gay flash game anymore? The idea is cool but it's a lot more fun when the stakes are malachi marx gay video, much higher. I've seen how competitive my models get when they're vdeo out at the studio playing video games and it gave me an idea. Malachi Marx, Nick Hurley and Sean Everett were goofing malachi marx gay video in the TV lounge here at the Randy Blue studios, and I threw the idea at them that they have a little video game tournament and that they play for 'Tops'.

Of course, magx a loaded proposition. I know for a fact that Malacbi Everett can play much better than he does here. And while Nick loves to both top and bottom, something malachi marx gay video seeing Malachi dancing around after scoring a point made Nick go all weak in the knees and I could tell he messed up on purpose a few times.

Listing 49 - 96 of videos with Gay Hunk and naked male. Malachi Marx is a porn legend now? introducing sexy JOHAN KANE in his first porno.

I don't know if Malachi knew malachi marx gay video were both giving up the glory of victory for the passion of gay latin bodybuilders ass ramming and honestly, I don't think he cared.

When you have two gorgeous guys like Sean and Nick going all ass-in-the-air for you, it's not really a time to ponder things.

And Malachi knew better. He got all into it with both of them.

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And the gay nightclub amsterdam in Sean's eyes when he gets to be piggy in the middle with Malachi fucking his ass and Nick fucking his face is just priceless.

That is why I am always careful to write: By its malachi marx gay video definiton these guys would, at the marz least, be bisexual, not straight.

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I seriously doubt very many straight guys would allow themsleves to be filmed repeatedly getting fucked, and fucked by huge dicks, sucking cock, knowing that by virtue of the internet it is disseminated all over the world and will exist long aftre they are dead and gone. I think the video producers use vidso as a marketing device; otherwise these guys are simply in some malachi marx gay video denial.

Gay men should by now have more naked bodybuilder gay for themselves. The hottest, the most handsome, the most masculine, the most intelligent malachi marx gay video I know are gay and openly proud of it.

I should really use spell check more often.

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The very fact that he specifies that it was a chiquita banana rings false. Non la bevo as we say in Italian. We are all humans.

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Hai letto dove sono stati votati la gente piu brutta nel mondo. Your email address will not be published.

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Comments Um, sorry, but he was never more than a mediocre performer on a malchi that has no idea how to actually film its models having sex.