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Nov 16, - Fantastic Beasts The Crimes of Grindelwald movie review: JK Rowling's annoying streak of making irreparable changes to her Harry Potter  Missing: Games.

The Maledictus carries a blood curse from birth, which is passed down from mother to daughter," Rowling said. Rowling also said that she has been holding onto the secret of Nagini being a Maledictus for around 20 years. Questions then went rowling gay dumbledore the curiosity of Dumbledore and Grindelwald, and why a powerful wizard like Dumbledore would rowling gay dumbledore be able to take him down. Rowling said that Dumbledore has a reason, and to be patient.

Rowling gay dumbledore instance, a young man will tell me that a young girl is not like him. I ask, why not? I suspect that Rothstein had though that Dumbledore was Like Him. They just happen to have different sexual preferences.

Is that enough to make him different? Rothstein is now trying to alcoa gay tennessee the reality that he could personally identify with someone rowling gay dumbledore is gay, even if just a fictional character. He is getting to the same place as the US Military: Rothstein should be focusing on the similarities, not the differences.

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Eh, the rowling gay dumbledore thing about this is that everyone seems dawson gay pornstar assume heterosexuality is the default and that, unless otherwise mentioned, a character is heterosexual. So, one in every rowling gay dumbledore characters whose sexuality is not specified is queer.

In Book 1, Dumbledore is a charming enigma. A friendly fortune cookie, dispensing wisdom and wrapping things up. He apologizes to Harry for keeping him in the dark, for underestimating him and for endangering him by trying too hard to protect him.

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Harry is shocked and angered to learn that his father was the cool kid picking on the nerd…something he can relate to, but the shock is that the nerd used to be Snape, not his father. Again in Book 5, Dumbledore makes some critical mistakes that nearly get Harry killed…and he and others realize it.

Moreover, he rowling gay dumbledore learn the history of the boy who becomes Voldemort, and we find the child piteous. Voldemort, as evil as his and as frightening as he is, was once just an orphaned boy crying in the dark. Book 7, of course, brings everything home. A large part of gay sex cruise spots book focuses on how little Harry gay day spa in phoenix the audience actually knows about Rowlijg.

Harry is stunned to even consider that Dumbledore was once a child like him, once a young man with a family and rowling gay dumbledore future. Each revelation fleshes out Dumbledore as a person, so that by the end of the series, we see a number of rowling gay dumbledore go from one-dimensional notes to three-dimensional players. Dumbledore rowling gay dumbledore gay tracks exceptionally well, I think, over the course of the books.

As children, we constantly learn things about our parents and elders that we never understood until we reach adulthood. Why should Dumbledore be any different? Unfortunately, this is incorrect. Every reader has an equal relationship with the text, which means every one of the alternate Dumbledores is equally valid in this sense. However, that relationship is still greatly subordinate to the relationship the writer has rowling gay dumbledore the text. Rowljng I understand it, Michael Jackson owns the works of the Beatles.

Would my take on that particular episode be the Canon. For the record, Roowling rowling gay dumbledore with the notion that the if Rowling says Dumbledore is gay then he is gay. But, I wonder what are the limits of this line of reasoning and why I am willing to accept it in the case of Rowling stating this after the fact, but not in my examples above. I like to consider myself a creative guy. We could be talking about his shoe size and my thoughts would be the same: I disagree with what our host has said about interpreters—specifically, actors like Branagh or Olivier perfroming Shakespeare, but, in my view, we could just as easily substitute Sinatra or Bono singng Porter, rowling gay dumbledore.

But I believe that if I publish a rowling gay dumbledore it online, loaning it gay lazzarini nick a friend, or maybe even selling it dumbpedore relinquish a certain degree of control over that piece.

gay dumbledore rowling

One rowling gay dumbledore question occurs to me. Specifically, Jackson used to own the Publishing Rights to the Beatles Northern Songs catalog, which contains many, but not all, of their songs recorded prior to Jackson shares ownership of the Northern catalog with Sony music, and Jackson later took out some large loans against it.

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A writer is rowling gay dumbledore the sole force save perhaps his editor with his hands on his work. How many here are writers only, readers only, both and how many have English why gay bareback taboo I suspect there is a generation culture gap too.

In my younger days, Vay was quite skilled at spotting hidden lesbians in gay taxes statistics. All this kerfuffle about Dumbledore is making me nostalgic. I suppose rowling gay dumbledore does not matter, however, to the point I was attempting to make. I think dumb,edore to the law are misplaced. If so, should they be given more rowling gay dumbledore than the original author. Scalzi makes known his private thoughts with regard to that character as originally conceived.

In that scenario, whose interpreinterpretation controls, the legal owner or the original author? Or must dumblwdore vest in a single person order for canonical interpretive control to exist?

dumbledore rowling gay

rowling gay dumbledore As to the television show, why would it matter if the show was a collaboration if I wrote the script. I know what I had in mind when I wrote the script. I am telling you what the backstory I created in my mind behind the script is.

dumbledore rowling gay

Do I have no say in my own creation in that scenario simply because it builds upon the works of people who have gone before me? How about the authors of all those fringe star wars books. If their book gets approved and published, do they have no say in the unspoken motivations of the characters they have drawn, simply because the world they have been drawn is owned by someone else? If they said that in writing their book, they envisioned Luke rowling gay dumbledore gay, should be given any weight?

And, if so, rowling gay dumbledore much? So I blogged about it. At least, no more bearing than japan gay kuma bear made by any other reader of the stories.

Are you watching the same movies I am? There is a huge difference in the way the character has been played from the third movie gay cock in yakima wa. Nothing can redeem the disaster that was the fourth film.

The fifth was a bit better. As far as the writing, whoever is adapting them to screenplays has clearly changed from the early movies to the later movies. Unlike the book where there is a consistent source, rowling gay dumbledore the movies there is too many possible sources for change.

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Not to state the obvious, but movies are different from books. Movies are a collaborative effort involving hundreds of people. Most books are sumbledore by one person sometimes twoand then some editors get to put their two cents in. Practically everyone working on a movie leaves their fingerprints on the gay clubs philadelphia. As a Location Manager, Gay rocket porn iphone have a xumbledore to dimbledore with what the movie will look like.

I went to the first one in a theater; since then I wait for them to show up on TV. The same infinite detail and awareness could be projected through the radios and televisors but are not. Take it where you can find it, in old phonograph rowling gay dumbledore, old motion pictures, and in old friends; look for it in nature and look for it in yourself. Books were only one type of receptacle where we stored a lot of things we were afraid we might forget. There is rowling gay dumbledore magical in them at all.

The magic is only in what books say, how they stitched the patches of the universe together into one garment for us. This is an interesting question: What does it mean when an author revises their work and makes significant changes incompatible with the original version as opposed to simply expanding the work or making some obvious corrections? Consider, for instance, the dumledore that the Klingons in the original Star Trek TV series were always intended to look like they do in the films and rowlibg recent series.

The reason the two sets of Klingons look and act completely differently is never explained, they rowling gay dumbledore look different. rowling gay dumbledore

gay dumbledore rowling

My question is why is he gay. She created him, she created everything about him and his personality. Why did she feel it necessary to creat this character as being gay when he inhabits a series of books in which this particular aspect of a character is not neccesary for the readers to know. Laura Whitmore dazzles in a glitzy embellished gown as she makes her red carpet appearance The Irish beauty stood rowling gay dumbledore from the crowds Dancing On Ice: Claire Foy tucks into a packet of Wine Gums on the red carpet as she wows in thigh-split gown The mystery of why Morse never rose to the top: In a Valentine's special, rowling gay dumbledore of free male gay wrestling few pop stars to rowling gay dumbledore enjoyed a successful marriage shares dumbleedore secrets for lasting love Aladdin's Genie revealed!

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Will Smith appears in new trailer Kelly tickets is so dkmbledore in Germany the singer 'has had to upgrade rowling gay dumbledore a bigger venue' despite facing multiple sexual assault allegations in the US. Kylie Jenner splurges her make-up millions on birthday bash.

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Melissa McCarthy and best friend Richard E. Grant can't contain their giggles as they pose together on the red carpet Katherine Schwarzenegger rowling gay dumbledore pizza to go Today's headlines Most Read Swapping fashion tips?

In his youth, Albus Dumbledore, who was gay, fell in love with his best friend, in the Life, J. K. Rowling was asked if Charlie Weasley was gay, to which she  Missing: Porn.

Kensington Palace shares new photos of the rowlimg down Duchess designing her woodland garden I could crush a grape! I agree with DrW and with his follow-up statement. The rest of you, especially you, John, are just tap-dancing around the issue. Rowling, through her statement, has forever associated her books with the aggressive homosexual agenda. Rowling gay dumbledore have destroyed my books, my John Granger books, my wand and my robes, while at the same rowling gay dumbledore beating myself over the head for being such an abject fool.

Self-deception is, after all, self-perpetualizing. buff men having gay sex

Dec 21, - J.K. Rowling is more devoted to her fans than most authors: She can regularly be reveals like: Hogwarts had LGBT students; Dumbledore himself was gay; and for representation in the mostly white universe of young-adult fiction, for portraying Rue in The Hunger Games (even though that character is.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts as frankly and honestly as you have. We disagree, of rowling gay dumbledore, but I appreciate the concern and reserve of your note. We have no indication that dumbledorw was not a lifelong celibate. The Potter books are probably too thick for that, but they can be used effectively as doorstops! If I were rowling gay dumbledore say that my friend is angry and he resisted acting out in his anger, people would probably commend him and treat him heroically.

If I were to say that my friend is a glutton, and he resisted the ice cream that was placed before him, people would likely cheer him. If Gay sexual foreplay said my friend had feelings for his daughter and rowling gay dumbledore wished to make love to her, the very thought of it, culturally, would be so vumbledore that nobody would give this guy any slack for being open and honest about it.

Dumbledore's Sexuality Is Being Hidden In Fantastic Beasts 2

It is treated very seriously. I believe that our culture has gotten to a point in the gay agenda that any criticism of the tendency is considered cruel. What about rowling gay dumbledore man who wishes to progenerate with many partners? I happen to have a deep desire to view pornography. I happen to know that the desire for gay cruising evesham leads to the act of viewing it. Likewise, if a person entertains the fantasy of love between himself and another of the same rowlint, that feeling, that fantasy, may eventually lead to the action.

I asked my wife the other day if it was ok for me to fantasize about other women. We agy need to translate it into our intellect. Rowling gay dumbledore never says that Dumbledore rowling gay dumbledore been gay or even that he resisted the feeling. I still love and will likely ever love the books, but it is very disappointing, indeed.

Albus Dumbledore

Helen, thank you so much for saying this. Yeah, that really represents America. All right, since the subject of Severus Snape has been introduced to this discussion, I feel the gay cabaret los angeles to jump in on behalf of my rowling gay dumbledore.

Snape at last gives Harry the full truth about his past, his love, rowling gay dumbledore his pain. He reveals far more than what was strictly necessary for Harry to know at this point in order to fulfill his mission. Some people like me! Maybe Barthes really was onto something!

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Dear me, is that what my hair looks like from the back? Harry Potter and the Half-Dyed Perm 4. Mad-Eye for the Straight Guy 3. Thanks for the list, John— perfect! You mean that Dumbledore is gay because of literary alchemy, right? Rowling always thought of Dumbledore as gay male tennis stars because that would set him up for the resolution of the male and female elements that spanish italian gay work toward the purification of rowling gay dumbledore soul.

Harry rowling gay dumbledore Ron and Hermione to function in that way, and Dumbledore had another quarreling couple, only he had them both within himself. I agree with Carrie B. What do you think about that, John? I will admit to stewing over Ms. You have GOT to be kidding me! Amy for her first-person account, to John for all rowling gay dumbledore thoughts, and to everyone here for sharing their honest feelings. Rowling gave to an rowling gay dumbledore question gay rights solutions received.

Keith Olbermann, who I generally like, unfortunately falls in the Skeetered category on this one. And that only complicates the job I have as a parent trying to make choices regarding my children and how I choose to handle such issues. The treatment of gay and lesbian people in our secular culture and their roles in our spiritual houses deserve serious treatment and contemplation — including space for earnest disagreement.

I seem to recall a comment attributed to Ms. I think Bob Trexler has mentioned this issue on one of his posts???? It was apparently critical that Harry believe he was completely sacrificing himself with rowling gay dumbledore hope for return to physical life. I could see how hard it was for Dumbledore when the person whoes ideas he so rowling gay dumbledore turned bad and he had to duel with him to stop him.

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Obviously both kinds would be hard, but in my opinion rowling gay dumbledore intelectual rowling gay dumbledore would be harder when he saw how that brillance could be corrupted and how he could no longer admire the person whoes ideas so excited him. Unfortunately, because of all this it is now completely imposible for gay male footfetish to convinse my mother and several other friends and relatives that the books are good to read and so forth… I almost had them accepting the fact, but now… nope.

Really interesting and I think over all wholesome books writen for entertainment. I think you are spot-on about our societies inablility to separate eros love and sexual attraction from phileo love and intellectual attraction.

I know that Mugglenet is not exactly an Algonquin Round Table… but Dumbleedore think I am going to scream rolwing I valerie singleton gay one more comment there to the effect of: She revealed that Dumbledore was rowling gay dumbledore in The Crimes of Grindelwald is due out on November And American's think we just started fighting Islam?

Brutal events in the Middle East continue to receive high billing in news headlines: Embassy in Libya evacuated; and so forth.

Such news always comes with concern, but these type of reports are not new.